Insider Look: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

With any type of marketing, it is important to know where it is headed. This is especially important for social media marketing trends where there seems to be new social media platforms every few months. New comers such as Snap chat and Vine have already garnered dog treats interest from the public and allows people to communicate in a new way. It is also important for companies to know where to invest their time and resources so that they can get the most bang out of their buck. Should they wait for a new social media platform or should they invest in what is already out there? Should you wait for the next Facebook?

Some important trends for 2014 to watch out for:

Image and video focused social media sites will grow

More and more people are increasingly turning toward sites such as Pinterest, white english labrador puppies Tumblr, Snap chat, Vine and more to express their ideas. Visual content, both image and video, may become a critical component of any future social media strategy. The above sites are opening up the opportunities for companies to interact with their consumers in new and interesting ways. Like other social media sites, to gain an audience your content both video and image will need to be shareable. It will still have to be interesting and relevant to what you are talking about. For example, if you are a restaurant you will post pictures of your establishment and your menu. You would probably not be personal pictures of your vacation to Peru.

Google+ will become more important

Google+ has recently made changes to how people will be able to comment on YouTube. In addition, puppies for adoption Google+ can do wonders to your SEO and the importance of Google authorship. Google authorship will basically allow writers to claim their own content and if they are popular then more of their articles will also rise to the top of the search engine. Many companies that may be starting out may view Google+ as their go to social network in the future simply because of its many different benefits. Google+ profiles will not be seen as boring compared to Facebook but may actually be used by people and companies to improve their social media reach.

Investment in social media marketing will become a requirement

In the past, Ai Social Media Marketing App it was all about how you should have a social media website but some people chose not to pursue social media because of time constraints. In the near future, it will switch from “should have” to “must have”, in that you must have a social media presence if you want to engage your audience and develop relationships. People are spending lots of time online and it is guaranteed that your customers may be amongst those people. Consumers are on social media sites and if you do not have a presence there then they may follow your competitors who may have a social media presence. Social media will help with online company branding, increasing awareness and increasing customer loyalty through well established relationships. There will need to be an integration of social media and overall marketing strategy to be successful in generating traffic to your website and more importantly revenue.

LinkedIn will continue to be popular in B2B markets

Not all customers are your typical household consumers. Some consumers are other businesses and their needs are completely different from those of your average consumer. The marketing efforts are different, Emsculpt NYC the way decisions are made are different and how to interact with them will also be different.

For example, delifestylegids if Bob goes to the store he can make the decision to buy any food he desires. If Acme Inc. wants to buy something then there are various departments and management that needs to be consulted to make the action happen. Establishing a presence on sites such as LinkedIn will allow you to connect with people in those management positions and thus develop good relationships for the future.

Also with LinkedIn’s influencer program, LinkedIn will allow you to follow thought leaders who can share their own professional insights and knowledge. Interacting with these thought leaders can really help people recognize who you are and what you do thus increasing your personal brand awareness.


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