Popular Places For Buying Collectible Coins

If you are a coin collector, one of the joys of collecting is spending a considerable amount of time finding coins.  Coin collecting is a bit like treasure hunting in that you are constantly looking for certain coins to complete a collection or just looking for a certain coin that you find intriguing. whybitcoinprice

Finding coins for sale can be a bit of a learning experience for new collectors who may not know where to look to find coins that are for sale.  Below is a list of places and venues that you can buy coins. United Marriage Education

Internet Auctions

Internet auctions such as eBay have become a very popular place to find coins.  Buyers from around the world list coins for sale on eBay in hopes of attracting many buyers.  The success of eBay’s coin collecting section has been very well received in the numismatic community and many members of the community frequently buy and sell through Internet auctions. ufa168live

Coin Shows

Coin shows have been around for years and TherapistFlorida are a great place to network with other coin collectors.  Generally they are setup on weekends in hotel convention rooms or other public halls.  A large number of collectors set up tables or booths and display the coins that they have for sale.  This can be a great place to learn from other more seasoned coin collectors.

Flea Markets Wireless wanted

Weekend flea markets are setup many times on weekends and carry just about anything that you can think of. Frequently coin collectors will set up tables at Flea Markets in hopes of displaying their coins and other antique to hungry buyers.

Estate Auctions

This is a very common place to buy antiques in general.  Many elderly people, chronicleshub upon passing away have their assets liquidated through the means of an auction sale where everything is sold.  Often these people had small coin collections that date back many years.  Once in a while a very valuable coin is sold at an estate auction.  It’s unlikely that the deceased owner knew that they were holding onto a coin of such high value.

Coin Related Periodicals

Coin newspapers and magazines that are published on a weekly or monthly basis are a great place to learn about coins.  They also contain advertisements for coin stores and large coin dealers so that you can contact these people about certain coins that you wish to buy or sell.

Antique Stores

These are retail stores operated specifically to sell antiques.  Usually filled with furniture and other old knick-knacks, sometimes they will have a small coin collection for sale. slipnomore

Coin Shops

These are becoming less frequent today because of the high cost of doing business in a physical building, vs. the low cost of operating on the Internet, but they are still around.  Many times these retail stores have been around for many years and the owners have a great degree of knowledge about the products that they sell.  Generally, because they are being sold in a retail environment, you may have to pay a premium to buy there.

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